Our Green Initiatives

In line with our goal to be carbon neutral by 2027 across our group, we have made large investments across our Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, as well as in our Solar and Wind projects. As a testament to our commitment to our environmental sustainable goals in 2019, Our Dye house won a Green award, presented by the Government of Tamilnadu given for the first time to a processing plant in the Tirupur region. It is worth mentioning that companies across the state and various industries competed for this prestigious award including fortune 500 firms.

K.M Knitwear Pvt. Ltd and Jeyavishnu Clothing Pvt. Ltd run on a substantial amount of renewable energy via wind and solar power. With windmill energy levels of 13 MW and solar energy of 15 MW, we abide by our pledge towards a consistent and sustainable growth, while being environmentally responsible at the same time. We generate 30 million units of green energy per year with our windmill and solar energy enterprises. One of our major garment production plants is a IGBC accredited green factory, and among a few of the many more environmentally friendly planned projects in the years to come.


We believe that the welfare of our company begins with the welfare of our people. Thus we are always up-front about ensuring employee welfare and aiding personnel prosperity. From Saplings plantation, free medical check-ups for the general public and our employees, community building schemes, organising blood donation camps, helping community at the time of natural disasters, we believe in living by our people and for our people.

Adding on towards the welfare of our employees, we conduct physical fitness enhancement programs through meditation and regular yoga training sessions. We also provide free higher education for our employees, thereby helping our work force strike a diligent work-life balance effectively.


Our profits and vision don't end with the revenue gained, but the success of happiness is always in giving. Jeyavishnu Clothing Private Limited as an organization, to grow individually is never our cup tea and the sharing is also never just in-house. We engage in building better space for our children and the future of course.